Realising the Value of your Digital Workplace
How to optimise digital platforms and the digital experience to improve internal communication, collaboration and organisational learning in your organisation
Lisbon, Portugal 16 & 17 May 2024

Digital Workplace  ●  Digital Employee Experience
Collaboration  ●  Internal Communications ●  Knowledge Management
Enterprise Social Tools  ●  Intranets  ●  Distributed Work

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The Unique Format of Social Now

and why it may actually lead to positive results for your organisation

Social Now is a conference with a very unique format.

This conference uses a case study – Cablinc – to anchor most presentations, focusing the conversation on tangible, workable solutions.

Cablinc: Social Now’s use case

Cablinc is a fictitious company facing very real and common challenges. It is the use case which underpins most talks at Social Now.

Tools in action at Cablinc (no canned demos)

Real-world, day-in-the-life narratives of smooth collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing

Lessons learned from peers who have boosted adoption of their digital platforms

Rich conversations with participants from around the world

An Intranet Expo to learn from an be inspired by other organisations’ intranets.

They may not be perfect, the most beautiful nor the most advanced – but they are real!
Discussing them may just give you the insights required to create or improve your organisation’s intranet.

Learn and network with an amazing group of professionals

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Some of the speakers for 2024

They are wise and they are kind: they are willing to share and learn together
Viviana Garcia

Viviana Garcia 🇨🇭

Digital Workplace Coordinator at UEFA
Raúl Ribeiro

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro 🇵🇹

SharePoint and Power Platform Product Owner at Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Sara Sá Leão

Sara Sá Leão 🇵🇹

Lead R&D Knowledge Manager at Dynatrace
Adriana Jacinto

Adriana Jacinto 🇨🇭

Coordinator of the OHCHR Dynamic Knowledge and Library Team
Jaap Linssen

Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱

Founding Partner of OrangeTrail
Social Now 2022 - Ana Neves

Ana Neves 🇵🇹

CEO and Senior Consultant at Knowman
Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen 🇳🇱

Principal Consultant at Evolve
Anna Kravets

Anna Kravets 🇵🇹

CEO at Linkers


Let's see how they respond to Cablinc's requirements


What previous participants say about the event

“Social Now was a great opportunity to learn new stuff and get some cool insights about how to create more digitally integrated workplaces that help companies face the new challenges created by the new models of work.”

“with the vendors not in sales mode, I think it allows attendees to lower their guards a bit and they are more likely to share what’s working and not working for them.”

John Schultz, Senior User Experience Designer at Mayo Clinic 🇺🇸

“It’s a really nice event where we get together to talk about important things and move our own projects forward in the process of networking and meeting other likeminds.”

Chantal Dunn, Amadeus 🇫🇷

“a very inspiring experience at which we met great professionals, learnt from other projects and shared ideas and points of view”

Anna Garcia Sagué, Director of Communication at Sorigué 🇪🇸

“Social Now took the discussion about Enterprise Social Network from being descriptive and hypothetical to being alive and real.”

Mike Klein, Vimpelcom 🇳🇱

“Very positive event with a very different but positive approach, as it allows participants to see different approaches to the same situation”

CGD 🇵🇹

“The sessions that I attended were extremely useful, not to mention the innovative format.”

Carla Caracol, Renascença Multimédia 🇵🇹

“I was positively surprised that the speakers are also participants, building a true community of practice and a knowledge network. Really welcoming for the ‘newbies’.”

Adelina Sequeira, HR Director at Alliance Française de Lisbonne 🇵🇹

“Go attend for sure.”

Bridgestone 🇧🇪


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Jupiter Lisboa Hotel
Avenida da República, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s downtown and the famous Avenida da Liberdade; a rich history and gorgeous food; the hills and the sandy beaches: the Portuguese capital offers something for everyone.

The city is stage to top international events, is becoming a haven for blossoming young companies and startups, and business life is booming.

When coming to Lisbon for Social Now, expect a large dose of sunshine and warm breezes embracing you into the evening. That means time to enjoy the whole conference and still soak up the sun and the city.

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