Realising the Value of your Digital Workplace
How to optimise digital platforms and the digital experience to improve internal communication, collaboration and organisational learning in your organisation

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Highlights and mementos

Lisbon, Portugal / 16 & 17 May 2024


Andrew Pope presenting at Social Now 2024Building resilient digital workplaces
Andrew Pope 🇦🇺
Slides | About Andrew

Practical Talk

Suzie Robinson presenting at Social Now 2024 Making sense of your digital workplace landscape
Suzie Robinson 🇬🇧
Slides | About Suzie

Laugh 'n' Learn

Sharon O'Dea kicking off her Laugh 'n' Learn session at Social Now 2024How to ensure failure in your digital workplace programme
Sharon O’Dea 🇳🇱
Slides | About Sharon

How-to Session

Céline Schillinger presenting at Social Now 2024 How to connect and amplify your organisation’s stories
Céline Schillinger 🇫🇷
Slides | About Céline

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Practical Talk

Sumeet Gayathri Moghe on stage at Social Now 2024An async-first approach to improve collaboration and boost productivity
Sumeet Gayathri Moghe 🇮🇳
Slides (on LinkedIn) | About Sumeet

Practical Talk

Simon Scullion presenting at Social Now 2024From Intranet to Digital Workplace: assembling the essential building blocks
Simon Scullion 🇪🇸
Slides | About Simon

How-To Session

Jaap Linssen presenting at Social Now 2024Infrastructure for effective change communications
Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱
Slides | About Jaap


LinkedIn post by Simon Scullion“Of all the events I’ve had the opportunity to attend over the years, this has been a unique, incredibly rich experience – you have created something wonderful.”
Post by Simon Scullion on Linkedin


LinkedIn post by Suzie Robinson“What a fabulous conference – I’ve not felt a sense of community like that for a while.”
Post by Suzie Robinson on Linkedin


OrgXO receiving the award at Social Now 2024Tool most fit for my org: MangoApps
Coolest tool: OrgXO
Best presentation: OrgXO


Practical Talk

Emily Hinks presenting at Social Now 2024Mischief & Humanity in the world of work
Emily Hinks 🇳🇱
Slides | About Emily

Intranet Expo

Mads Richard introducing the Intranet Expo at Social Now 2024Introducing the Intranet Expo
Mads Richard 🇩🇰
Slides | About Mads

How-To Session

Fabio Frota presenting at Social Now 2024Using Copilot to save time and avoid rework
Fabio Frota 🇳🇱
Slides | About Fabio


LinkedIn post by Pedro Caramez“O evento superou todas as minhas expectativas com o seu formato inovador e incrivelmente interativo.”
Post by Pedro Caramez on Linkedin



What participants said after the 2024 edition

“I think that’s the best work-related event I’ve ever been to. I honestly didn’t want it to end!”

Suzie Robinson 🇬🇧, Intranet and Comms Consultant at ClearBox Consulting
Suzie Robinson

“O ambiente continua fantástico. O segredo é mesmo a forma como as pessoas se dão, o ambiente, as dinâmicas.”

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro 🇵🇹, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Raúl Ribeiro

“A boa surpresa é a informalidade e riqueza do conhecimento partilhado”

Ana Bonito 🇵🇹, Comboios de Portugal

“Gostei muito, mais uma vez, da conferência: realmente diferente e verdadeiramente estimulante para ‘abrir a cabeça’ a novas ideias na área da colaboração e partilha de conhecimento nas organizações.”

Elsa Cruz 🇵🇹, Turismo de Portugal

“Always interesting contents, good pace and amazing environment. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Sara Gil 🇵🇹, SIBS

“O evento superou todas as minhas expectativas com o seu formato inovador e incrivelmente interativo.”

Pedro Caramez 🇵🇹, LinkedIn Consultant at Pedro Caramez


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