Realising the Value of your Digital Workplace
How to optimise digital platforms and the digital experience to improve internal communication, collaboration and organisational learning in your organisation

Highlights and mementos

Lisbon, Portugal / 16 & 17 May 2024

Peer Assist

Social Now 2024 - Ernst Décsey, Nigel Williams and Eva Aymamí Gili
How to create an effective digital workplace
Ernst Décsey 🇨🇭, Eva Aymamí Gili 🇪🇸, Nigel Williams 🇬🇧
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Practical Talk

Social Now 2024 - Adriana Jacinto presenting
Understanding the people to improve the digital workplace
Adriana Jacinto 🇨🇭
Slides | About Adriana

Hero Story

Social Now 2024 - Vinicius Buso presentingUnderstanding cooperation and leadership at a company in Brazil
Vinicius Buso 🇧🇷
Slides | About Vinicius

Intranet Expo

An Intranet Expo. Really.
At Social Now 2024, participants had the chance to visit a gallery of intranet screenshots


Andrew Pope presenting at Social Now 2024Building resilient digital workplaces
Andrew Pope 🇦🇺
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Practical Talk

Suzie Robinson presenting at Social Now 2024 Making sense of your digital workplace landscape
Suzie Robinson 🇬🇧
Slides | About Suzie

How-to Session

Céline Schillinger presenting at Social Now 2024 How to connect and amplify your organisation’s stories
Céline Schillinger 🇫🇷
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Cablinc song

Generated by Suno, based on Fabio Frota’s prompts inspired by the Cablinc story

Laugh 'n' Learn

Sharon O'Dea kicking off her Laugh 'n' Learn session at Social Now 2024How to ensure failure in your digital workplace programme
Sharon O’Dea 🇳🇱
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Practical Talk

Sumeet Gayathri Moghe on stage at Social Now 2024An async-first approach to improve collaboration and boost productivity
Sumeet Gayathri Moghe 🇮🇳
Slides (on LinkedIn) | About Sumeet

Practical Talk

Simon Scullion presenting at Social Now 2024From Intranet to Digital Workplace: assembling the essential building blocks
Simon Scullion 🇪🇸
Slides | About Simon

How-To Session

Jaap Linssen presenting at Social Now 2024Infrastructure for effective change communications
Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱
Slides | About Jaap


LinkedIn post by Simon Scullion“Of all the events I’ve had the opportunity to attend over the years, this has been a unique, incredibly rich experience – you have created something wonderful.”
Post by Simon Scullion on Linkedin


LinkedIn post by Suzie Robinson“What a fabulous conference – I’ve not felt a sense of community like that for a while.”
Post by Suzie Robinson on Linkedin

The host

Thank you, Samuel DriessenThank you, Samuel!
Samuel Driessen has hosted all ten editions of Social Now


OrgXO receiving the award at Social Now 2024Tool most fit for my org: MangoApps
Coolest tool: OrgXO
Best presentation: OrgXO


Practical Talk

Emily Hinks presenting at Social Now 2024Mischief & Humanity in the world of work
Emily Hinks 🇳🇱
Slides | About Emily

Intranet Expo

Mads Richard introducing the Intranet Expo at Social Now 2024Introducing the Intranet Expo
Mads Richard 🇩🇰
Slides | About Mads

How-To Session

Fabio Frota presenting at Social Now 2024Using Copilot to save time and avoid rework
Fabio Frota 🇳🇱
Slides | About Fabio


LinkedIn post by Pedro Caramez“O evento superou todas as minhas expectativas com o seu formato inovador e incrivelmente interativo.”
Post by Pedro Caramez on Linkedin


We saw how they respond to Cablinc's requirements



What participants said after the 2024 edition

“I think that’s the best work-related event I’ve ever been to. I honestly didn’t want it to end!”

Suzie Robinson 🇬🇧, Intranet and Comms Consultant at ClearBox Consulting
Suzie Robinson

“O ambiente continua fantástico. O segredo é mesmo a forma como as pessoas se dão, o ambiente, as dinâmicas.”

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro 🇵🇹, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Raúl Ribeiro

“The pace was perfect: kept me hooked! Loved the use of Cablinc throughout and how all were looking at solutions to its challenges: made it so concrete and relatable. Loved the people I met! Ana is a fantastic convener, conceptualiser and executor.”

Adriana Jacinto 🇨🇭, OHCHR
Adriana Jacinto

“A boa surpresa é a informalidade e riqueza do conhecimento partilhado”

Ana Bonito 🇵🇹, Comboios de Portugal

“Gostei muito, mais uma vez, da conferência: realmente diferente e verdadeiramente estimulante para ‘abrir a cabeça’ a novas ideias na área da colaboração e partilha de conhecimento nas organizações.”

Elsa Cruz 🇵🇹, Turismo de Portugal

“Always interesting contents, good pace and amazing environment. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Sara Gil 🇵🇹, SIBS

“O evento superou todas as minhas expectativas com o seu formato inovador e incrivelmente interativo.”

Pedro Caramez 🇵🇹, LinkedIn Consultant at Pedro Caramez