The Unique Format of Social Now

and why it may actually lead to positive results for your organisation

Social Now is not just another conference. Social Now is a conference with a very unique format.

This conference uses a case study – Cablinc – to anchor most presentations, focusing the conversation on tangible, workable solutions.

Cablinc: Social Now’s use case

Cablinc is a fictitious company facing very real and common challenges. It is the use case which underpins most talks at Social Now.

Tools in action at Cablinc (no canned demos)

Real-world, day-in-the-life narratives

Lessons learned from peers who rolled out platforms to improve teams’ performance

Rich conversations with participants from around the world


Know the dates, the focus topic, the speakers, the tools, the offers and surprises of the next edition of Social Now
SOCIAL NOW 2022 was about


See the photos and the presentations
and get a taste for the edition to come


What previous participants say about the event

“Very interesting format and balanced mix of tools and speeches.”

Alessandra Pelagallo, Telecom Italia 🇮🇹

“Throughout the two days we look at a lot of the cultural issues and other business issues which allow us to look at the vendors from a business perspective. It’s quite a refreshing event!”

Bonnie Cheuk, Euroclear 🇬🇧

“It’s a really nice event where we get together to talk about important things and move our own projects forward in the process of networking and meeting other likeminds.”

Chantal Dunn, Amadeus 🇫🇷

“Social Now has been a fascinating experience”

Eric Hunter, Bradford & Barthel LLP 🇺🇸

“Social Now took the discussion about Enterprise Social Network from being descriptive and hypothetical to being alive and real.”

Mike Klein, Vimpelcom 🇳🇱

“Very positive event with a very different but positive approach, as it allows participants to see different approaches to the same situation”

CGD 🇵🇹

“The sessions that I attended were extremely useful, not to mention the innovative format.”

Carla Caracol, Renascença Multimédia 🇵🇹

“Social Now is certainly a very well curated and well organised event.”

Ari Isnan, Straits Knowledge 🇲🇾

“Go attend for sure.”

Bridgestone 🇧🇪