6 Steps

6 Steps to Better (Digital) Leadership

Social Now is about better work practices supported by digital platforms; practices that promote a networked and collaborative way of working, one in which knowledge is created by the network, shared throughout the network and retained for the network.

Celine Schillinger

Céline Schillinger 🇫🇷

This year’s underpinning topic is Developing Digital Leadership (check out what that is and why it’s so relevant). Here is a quick overview of how the talks flow, guiding participants through concrete actions to achieve the goal of identifying, nurturing and developing great digital leaders.

The first step in recovery is acknowledging the problem. Céline Schillinger’s opening keynote takes the bull by the horns. “Leadership is broken”, she states. Leaders are being pulled in many different directions and are being asked to make hard choices. Traditional ideas of leadership no longer cut it.

But Céline has experienced the power of digital and she knows the extent to which it can help. “Digital may offer a way forward. By virtue of unprecedented technological possibilities, but also of the transformative nature of digital, new leadership possibilities emerge.”

Catherine Shinners

Catherine Shinners 🇺🇸

After we explore these possibilities, it’s time to ground them in reality with practical models, tools and recommendations.

“Leaders have objectives to ensure alignment, engage employees in understanding strategies, stimulate and inspire towards towards purpose and achievement”, says Catherine Shinners. “Using digital and social approaches in their communications styles helps”.

Catherine will give us techniques to increase a senior manager or leader’s reach and deepen their credibility.

Lee Bryant

Lee Bryant 🇬🇧

Lee Bryant believes that “digital fluency, confidence and knowledge are still lacking at senior levels”. It is urgent to “distribute digital leadership among those who understand it and who are involved in development”.

That is why Lee will share a practical model for distributed digital leadership and a few tips for digital change agents to take control of the agenda. After all, “‘digital’ is now everybody’s responsibility”.

Katharina Krentz

Katharina Krentz 🇩🇪

Katharina Krentz defends that “cross functional, connected and virtual collaboration” is important but not many how to do it. At Robert Bosch GmbH she has been championing the Working Out Loud (WOL) circle method.

At Social Now 2019, Katharina will offer practical steps to implement WOL as a “way to improve connectedness, to become more agile and innovative and to really live the new possibilities of virtual collaboration and digital leadership”.

Phil Kropp

Phil Kropp 🇳🇱

Great questions trigger great answers. Phil Kropp’s talk will be all about questions. But that is OK, because he will come up with great answers to how to shape powerful and engaging questions.

Kenneth Mikkelsen will bring the conference to a close, opening the angle and reflecting on “what the world demands from us right now as human beings and as leaders”.

“As technology transforms our lives and organisations, the human dimension becomes even more important. Leaders must find a new sense of maturity within themselves to address the societal shifts with greater clarity and intention.” A “leadershift” is required.

Kenneth Mikkelsen

Kenneth Mikkelsen 🇩🇰

These 6 enlightening and practical talks are almost like a set of 6 steps to better (digital) leadership. They would be enough to justify you being at Social Now 2019. But, the agenda also includes a peer assist, live demonstrations of smarter ways of working at Cablinc (Social Now’s fictitious company), “day-in-the-life” narratives of real organisations, and even a book launch.

What are you waiting for to secure your place?