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Social Now 2022 - Ana Neves

I am Ana Neves. I’m an experienced knowledge management consultant and owner of Knowman. Year after year, I have been carefully crafting and perfecting Social Now to keep it as valuable, relevant and surprising as when it was launched in 2012.

In this page I will proudly present the wise people who have been advising and encouraging me along the way.

Have a look at the design details which will leave you much better prepared to help your organisation tackle its business challenges.


The Details

Little design choices that make Social Now such a great valuable event

Engaging Storytelling

Social Now 2018 - David GurteenTalks offer practical ideas to improve work at Cablinc, a fictitious company very similar to your own. Some are presented as “day-in-the-life” narratives.

A lovely city

LisbonWhen the conference ends there is an amazing city to visit: walk up to the castle, try the cable car, take the train to the beach, soak up the Portuguese sun.

Debate & Networking

Chilling out after day 1 - 2015There is plenty of time to debate and network with all the clever people attending. Be careful: sun, wine and great food may be in close proximity.

Hero Stories

13881903763_6124068156Organisations recount a typical day at work so that you hear of actual practices of improved communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Tools in Action

Social Now 2018 - one of the tools set up for CablincYou have to see it to believe it! That is why you will get to see exactly what enterprise social tools look like and how people use them at work.

Sales pitch free

Samuel Driessen showing flags - 2014Tool vendors are here to inspire with better work processes, not to sell. Participants can flag vendors who start going into sales pitch mode. Two flags and they are out.

Inspiring Keynotes

Céline Schillinger at Social Now 2019Benchmark and stay ahead. Feel the pulse of the present and get a good sense of the future: it will guide your strategy and keep you ahead of the competition.

A Peer Assist

Social Now 2019 - panelPeers from real organisations offer advice to Cablinc based on their experience of implementing and launching new intranets and internal platforms.

Experienced Panel

Panel of professionals - 2014The panel challenges the vendors, asking them the tough questions which highlight the key aspects to consider when choosing an enterprise social technology.

How To Tutorials

Catherine Shinners - 2019Get simple, practical tips to get the most out of Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Workplace from Meta, Mural and other similar applications.

Hands On Sessions

LEGO Serious Play at 2019Experience different workshop dynamics as ways of revealing good practices which can both help Cablinc and all conference participants.

Great food

Lunch 2019Great food makes for great conversations and memorable memories. Enjoy amazing lunch breaks and a fun networking dinner at the end of day 1.

Your Business Requirements

The business requirements you will see being addressed by the different companies, consultants and tools

Accessing and Retaining Critical Knowledge

Have tools and processes to capture and retain expert knowledge, critical to the business, and make it available to employees, wherever they are, whenever they need it. This is a requisite of ISO 9001:2015.

Internal Communications

Important top-down messages need to reach every staff member, as quickly and intact as possible. Equally, channels are required to promote transparent and quick communication between all hierarchical levels. Remote work should not mean isolated work.

Collaboration and Cocreation

Make it easier for teams, communities and networks to share knowledge, work together, make decisions together, cocreate documents, etc.

Project Management

Build better teams by identifying the right people for the job. Create easier project communication and reporting processes. Improve a shared view of project work and promote ongoing habits of joint learning.

Training and Development

Speed up the onboarding process. Promote continuous learning. Recognise people’s knowledge and their willingness to share it. Know your people and get maximum value from their knowledge.


Crowdsource ideas, evolve them collaboratively, gather feedback, evaluate them and track their progress. Make innovation exciting, transparent and a rewarding experience which everyone sees as part of their job.

Digital Workplace

Create a good experience for remote and mobile work. Ensure employees can communicate, collaborate, access and share knowledge away from the office as well as at the office.

Get value from digital transformation efforts

Digital transformation efforts do not produce results without generalised and strong digital leadership behaviours. Find out why digital leadership is important, what does it mean to be a digital leader and the how enterprise social tools can help.


The wise people who offer their time and knowledge to help keep Social Now relevant and of great value to all
Lee Bryant
Luis Suarez
Paul Corney
Samuel Driessen


Frequently Used Excuses (not) to Register

Click the + sign to find out why you should register and why you should do it now

It is a long way away. I do not know if I will be available then

We understand the feeling. But we also know the frustration when we let never-ending demands dictate our diary and prevent us from attending the conferences we really value. Such as Social Now.

So allow yourself the right to attend a conference which is sure to benefit both you and your organisation.

And, if for any reason, when time comes, you really, really cannot make it, remember: we have a very friendly cancellation policy to cover your back.


We already have an intranet / collaboration platform

Great! But are you getting the most out of it? What sort of business processes can you tweak or put in place to get increased adoption and maximum impact?

At Social Now you see tools in action in the context of Cablinc – a fictitious company with challenges very similar to your organisation’s. You then get practical recommendations from seasoned professionals on how to make the most of your platform.

So, yes, you may have an internal collaboration platform but you will still greatly benefit from attending Social Now.


I don't want to listen to sales pitches all day

Neither do we!

At Social Now, tool presentations have to follow strict rules: 15 minutes to present, no slides, live demonstrations of the tool being used at Cablinc. No sales blah blah. These live demonstrations give you a good sense of how the tools could be used to add value to your organisation.

In any case, you are in control: you get a flag you can raise if, at any point, a talk starts sounding a bit salesy: two flags and the talk is ended.


My organisation cannot afford to implement expensive tools

Not all enterprise social tools are expensive.

Besides, expensive tools are not the ones that cost a lot of money but those which are underused: they do not add value nor do they offer return on investment.

At Social Now you get to see different types of technologies, with different pricings. You see them in action, so that you can see what sets them apart and take away practical ideas for using them to improve your organisation’s processes and practises around communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Most of the ideas you hear will be implementable whatever tool you have or end up choosing for your organisation. At the end of the day, social collaboration and communication is more about culture, processes and practises, than it is about the specific tool you choose.


I cannot take two days off work

How can you not clear two days in your agenda? This is the thing that has been bothering you for a while, that you have been postponing because you are unsure of where to begin.

Maybe you have to implement a new intranet or social platform for your organisation, maybe you have to improve the return on your current one, maybe you have to improve employee engagement, internal communication, team collaboration or knowledge sharing in your organisation.

Either way, these two days are the perfect opportunity to:

  • see the tools in action from the “anonymity” of your participant’s chair;
  • from the challenging questions from the panel, understand what to consider when choosing an enterprise social tool;
  • benefit from the critical eye and experience of the other participants when it comes to using social technology.

How much time will this save you going forward?


It doesn’t make sense to have a physical meeting to talk about digital communication and collaboration

Yes, it totally does! Good digital interactions are built on a great understanding of physical ones. Besides, there are experiences which digital technologies cannot yet replace. The “togetherness”, the informal and relaxed networked, the cosyness, that Social Now is known for, and which makes for all the great learning, is not something we can make happen online just yet.

In 2024, the edition will be even less “digital” because we will not be live streaming it. We want to offer participants a well-deserved “time offline” to properly learn, reflect, network, and celebrate.


What is your excuse?

Why have you not yet registered to attend Social Now 2024?

    Sessions at Social Now

    And the value they add to you and your organisation
    Session Type Description Benefits In 2024
    Consultant talks 20-minute practical talks where experienced professionals – not necessarily consultants – share practical recommendations to help Cablinc address its challenges. The fact that all these talks are focused on a specific organisation means that the recommendations are more grounded, practical and, therefore, actionable.

    Adriana Jacinto

    Emily Hinks

    Simon Scullion

    Sumeet Gayathri Moghe

    Suzie Robinson

    Vendor presentations 15-minute narratives of “a day of work at Cablinc” – live demos of platforms and tools showing how they are part of work routines and improve internal communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
    Participants can raise a flag if they feel the presentation is going into sales-pitch more: 2 flags and the presentation ends.
    Because vendors cannot use slides and have to stick to the Cablinc narrative, participants get a real feel for the central role these platforms can play and get specific ideas for how to maximise the value they get out of their existing ones.

    Employee Recognition for Microsoft 365 and LumApps



    (more to be confirmed)

    Panel At the end of each vendor presentation, a panel of real people from real organisations will wear the hat of Cablinc’s management team and ask the tough questions about the demonstrated platform or tool

    These questions will address the aspects to consider when evaluating these technologies.

    The fact that they are asked by others, makes it more comfortable for you.

    The fact that they are answered in front of an informed audience, makes it more likely that you will get an honest and complete answer – if not from the vendor, from the other participants.

    Raúl Ramos Ribeiro

    Sara Sá Leão

    Hero stories Short presentations by real organisations describing how they are using the social technology to successfully overcome a specific challenge. Not all is rosy when introducing social technologies but all organisations get real value out of them. By focusing on a specific gain, you know that is real and you can borrow that practice for your own organisation. A brokerage and investment company, told by iN

    (more to be announced)

    Peer Assist A facilitated session where experienced professionals from real organisations share advice on what Cablinc should do and not do as it kicks off a new project.
    Participants will then work together to cocreate a list of dos and don’ts based on the advice received.
    Because it is framed as advice, you get real, honest inputs: nobody needs to know if it is based on successes or failures, nor if it comes from learnings at the current or previous employer.
    The list cocreated by all is another tangible, practical outcome to get you going when you get back to work on Monday.

    Nigel Williams

    Viviana Garcia

    How to Tutorials Snappy, focused sessions showing how to get more out of common social tools to improve and rethink traditional ways of working. More tangible, actionable ideas to get you going and quickly delivering value for you, your team and organisation.

    Céline Schillinger

    Fabio Frota

    Jaap Linssen

    Intranet Expo     Mads Richard
    Keynotes 30-minute talks by top professionals.
    Probably the least unique element of the whole conference.
    You get the context, the boost, the inspiration and the arguments to be able to make a difference when you go back to your organisation. Andrew Pope
    Networking session During this time, vendors are assigned a table and participants can join them if they want to ask questions or see anything in more detail. You benefit from the answers to other participants’ questions. Besides, in such a public setting, you get more honest answers and you learn from the challenges and past experiences of other participants.  
    Lunches Long seated lunches with Portuguese food Quality, informal time for rich, insightful conversations with speakers and other participants  
    Social moments Dinner on day 1 Extend the great, informal conversations that are sure to last in your memory.