Day 1
19 May 2022

Autonomy, Agency and Activism: a Triple A “credit rating” for the new economics of work

At Social Now 2022, hear from Perry Timms how we can apply ourselves to a new form of work, learning and leading, creating organisations that are energising, purposeful and humanist
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About Cablinc

Ana Neves will tell you about Cablinc, the fictitious company which acts as the backdrop to most talks at Social Now.
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Using Liberating Structures to (re)think teams performance and engagement

Experience the power of Liberating Structures by co-creating a list of what to do in order to improve engagement and performance in hybrid teams
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12:45 - 14:15


Creating engaged teams through meaningful moments

At Social Now 2022, Silvia Rivela will show how to improve team engagement with meaningful moments created by digital experiences based on humor and play
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Introducing the Panel

Three professionals from real companies will act as the management board of Cablinc, the fictitious company, asking questions after the vendor presentations
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A Day at Cablinc with MangoApps

How would work be done if Cablinc had MangoApps available to its staff members?
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A day at Cablinc with Ichicraft Boards

How would work be done if Cablinc had Ichicraft Boards available to its staff members?
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Dare to Un-lead

The pre-launch of Céline Schillinger's book Dare to Un-Lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World, a book which offers a series of evidence-based pathways for reinventing collective performance across organisations in a post-pandemic world
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19:30 - 23:00

Networking Dinner

Day 2
20 May 2022

Everybody happy!

Feeding from over 800 conversations with ‘space makers’ all over the world, Marcel will take us through the practical steps in creating space for individuals to be happy and teams to fulfil their potential
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Creating a Modern Workplace in Microsoft365

RAONA will show how Cablinc's teams benefit from working in a Modern Workplace supported by Microsoft365
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A day at Cablinc with GuruScan Knowledge App

We will see how GuruScan is weaved into the work routines and processes of Cablinc to optimise the company's return on knowledge.
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How Cablinc uses SWOOP Analytics

How does Cablinc use SWOOP Analytics' insights to improve digital workplace relationships and reach better business outcomes?
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12:45 - 14:00



The room is open for participants to explore the tools, share experiences with fellow participants and speakers, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the room.
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We announce the winners of the participants’ votes for “Best Tool for my Organisation”, “Coolest Tool”, “Coolest Feature” and “Best Presentation”.
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Closing Keynote

This keynote will close this year’s edition of Social Now. The closing keynote speaker for Social Now 2022 will be announced soon. Until then, here is a sample of the...
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