Friday, 18 May 2018

How to launch a successful communication and collaboration platform

Wendy van BronkhorstJaap LinssenWendy van Bronkhorst and Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱
09:30 – 13:00

Drawing from their experience of successful launches,  they will recommend what you should do and should not do when launching a modern communication and collaboration platform. Find out more

How to design, convene and facilitate Knowledge Cafés

David Gurteen

David Gurteen 🇬🇧
09:30 – 13:00

In this masterclass, David Gurteen will teach you is how to design and run a Knowledge Café, a session format design to promote dialogue, and one which he has mastered throughout the years. Find out more

Let’s go to Mars: An exploration into Leadership, Perspective & Human Behavior

Eric HunterPaul CorneyEric Hunter 🇺🇸
Paul Corney 🇬🇧
14:00 – 17:30

This is a creative, social and fun learning experience that pushes boundaries, stretches thinking and collectively grows the class outside our comfort zones. The masterclass explores evolutions in leadership, perspective and human behavior while organizations adapt to the ongoing disruptive business models of our times. Find out more

Event Agenda

Day 1
16 May 2018

Future Proofing the Organisation

In this keynote presentation, Nadim Habib will provide an overview of how change should be perceived by the organisation, how the structural changes being made have impacted the need for learning, and how leadership must change behaviours to allow for more agile and less complex decision making structures.
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About Cablinc

Get to know the fictitious company that acts as the backdrop to many Social Now presentations. You might be surprised how similar this company is to your own when it...
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Improving online conversation and knowledge sharing

David Gurteen will look at human and technology barriers to conversation and knowledge sharing. He will explore ways to improve the results of online exchanges: through good tactical decisions and small improvements in the design of digital tools.
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Networked Leadership

Managing change is one of the most difficult tasks leaders face. However, in today’s world of disruption, innovation and high speed technological developments, it is also one of the most...
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To measure is to know: how analytics can help drive your ESN adoption programs

Femke Goedhart will show how analytics from enterprise social tools - including email - is used for business insights into ESN adoption. She will also show the benefits and challenges of using analytics in a digital transformation programme.
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Practical Recommendations

Consultants provide strategy guidelines and actionable recommendations to the team at Cablinc in order to improve their communication, collaboration and innovation. Anne McClear and team, listen up!
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13:00 - 14:30


A Day at Cablinc with MangoApps

How would work be done if Cablinc had MangoApps available to its staff members?
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A Day of Work At Amadeus

Amadeus is one of the organisations that will be sharing their own narratives of work using enterprise social tools.
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Networking Dinner

What better way to end the first day of Social Now than to go to a restaurant and enjoy some great Portuguese food and wine?
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Day 2
17 May 2018

A Day at Cablinc with Workplace by Facebook

OrangeTrail will show how work gets done at Cablinc with the support of Workplace (ex-Facebook @Work)
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A Day of Work at HEINEKEN

Hear practical examples of how HEINEKEN is using Workplace by Facebook to connect people across this globally dispersed company to become smarter, faster, and more fun.
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A Day at Cablinc with Stiki

Tobias Theil you will show how Stiki is simplifying Cablinc's communication and how it is helping Cablinc cut down interruptions, accelerate new employee onboarding and increase business productivity.
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Four consultants go on stage to answer questions and engage with the audience in a live debate, on the role of enterprise social tools. The debate will be expertly hosted...
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13:00 - 14:00



The room is open for participants to explore the tools, share experiences with fellow participants and speakers, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the room.
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Samuel Driessen announces the winners of the participants’ votes for “Best Tool for my Organisation”, “Coolest Tool”, “Coolest Feature” and “Best Presentation”.
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Social Technologies: A vital catalyst for organizational and individual transformation

Benefits of going social, social and digital transformation, resistance to social technologies, and critical success factors for using social technologies
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