The 2-day agenda of Social Now 2024 will show different elements of how to optimise digital platforms and the digital experience to improve internal communication, collaboration and organisational learning in your organisation.

It will cover topics such as employee engagement, the human side of knowledge, distributed and hybrid work.

Day 1
16 May 2024

Building resilient digital workplaces: one manager at a time

How to help managers move from roadblocks to resilience, redefining the role of digital leaders and becoming the driving force behind a productive and adaptable workplace
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About Cablinc

Ana Neves will tell you about Cablinc, the fictitious company which is the backdrop for most talks at Social Now.
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Learning with each other

A participative session with a format yet to be decided
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12:30 - 14:00


From Intranet to Digital Workplace – assembling the essential building blocks

How to evolve your traditional intranet to a successful modern digital workplace.
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Introducing the Panel

Three professionals from real companies will act as the management board of Cablinc, the fictitious company, asking questions after the vendor presentations
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How MangoApps creates a unified platform to engage all employees at Cablinc

We will see how Cablinc uses MangoApps to reach all staff keeping them aligned and engaged with organisational messages and values. Even frontline workers.
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How to effectively communicate change

Practical ways to leverage existing infrastructure elements and 'work the network' to increase the reach and effectiveness of change communication
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Gaining insight into human dynamics with OrgXO

How Cablinc uses OrgXO, an innovative platform which utilises visualisation and imaging tools to map collaboration flows within the company, offering profound insights into organisational dynamics.
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Using OrgXO to understand cooperation and leadership at a brokerage and investment company

We will see how OrgXO was used a starting point for a diagnosis aiming to understand the level of cooperation between areas, discover the influence of formal leadership in the network, and unveil informal leaders who emerged from this structure.
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How to connect and amplify your organisation’s stories

How to leverage a small team of volunteers, an internal podcast, and network activation, to build and reinforce organisational culture through the stories people live and remember
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Intranet Expo – Let’s get real!

An event organised by Intra2
A unique, peer-to-peer learning activity where participants get the chance to see and discuss screenshots from an array of different intranets
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19:30 - 23:00

Networking Dinner

Day 2
17 May 2024

An async-first approach to improve collaboration and boost productivity

Sumeet Gayathri Moghe will show asynchronous collaboration techniques which will help improve the work, the experience and the collaboration of knowledge workers.
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Tangible intranet ROI: How Cablinc is getting it through employee recognition and gamification

In this session, Anna Kravets, CEO of Linkers, will show how Cablinc uses Linkers’ tool Employee Recognition for Microsoft 365 and LumApps with a direct impact in the company’s revenue...
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How to use Copilot to save time and avoid rework

Practical ways of using Microsoft Copilot to reduce inefficiencies and missed opportunities, by speeding up knowledge work and synthesising knowledge from multiple locations
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Understanding the people to improve the digital workplace

Adriana Jacinto will show why and how to understand people, to then design targeted interventions which nudge them towards the use of digital platforms and more collaborative behaviours
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Mischief & Humanity in the world of work

This session is all about how Cablinc can cultivate inclusive spaces and accessible practices to unlock the full spectrum of human potential within the workforce.
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How to create an effective digital workplace

A peer assist to help Cablinc kick off a programme to master the digital workplace for great collaboration and internal communication.
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Making sense of your digital workplace landscape

Practical recommendations to streamline busy digital workplace landscapes and improve internal comms, making sure news and important information are effectively reaching frontline staff.
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13:00 - 14:00



Social Now 2022 - Ichicraft
The room is open for participants to explore the tools, share experiences with fellow participants and speakers, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the room.
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We announce the winners of the participants’ votes for “Best Tool for my Organisation”, “Coolest Feature” and “Best Presentation”.
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Laugh ‘n’ Learn: How to guarantee the failure of your digital workplace programme

Sharon O'Dea will deliver a PowerPoint-based comedy act with the steps required to guarantee the failure of your digital workplace
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Make it count!

Some final words and time for participants, individually, to identify their key take-aways and reflect on what practical recommendations they will want to prioritise for their own organisations
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