Social Now 2020 was cancelleddue to the worldwide impact of COVID-19. Stay tuned for Social Now 2021!


Talks and Workshops

These were some of the talks and workshops scheduled for 2020. Some may be back in the agenda for 2021; others may not.

What we know for sure: there will be many surprises, loads of learning and amazing networking

  • Creating Conditions for Community
  • How mature are organisations when it comes to Social Collaboration?
  • How to Set Up Successful Communities for Learning and Innovation
  • Personal Knowledge Mastery — When Work Is Learning and Learning Is The Work
  • How to create space for individuals to flourish in teams
  • Control is for Amateurs: How to Enable People Through Vibrant Communities 
  • Designing stronger teams and communities with Liberating Structures
  • Workshop: Boas Práticas para alavancar a sua Intranet ou Plataforma de Colaboração 🇵🇹 (+ info)
  • Workshop: Building a Community Business Case



They were confirmed for 2020. Will they be coming in 2021? We hope so.
Rui Mendes Costa

Rui Mendes Costa 🇵🇹

Head of Learning & Training at Galp
Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche 🇨🇦

Principal at Jarche Consulting
Marcel Kampman

Marcel Kampman 🇳🇱

Founder of Happykamping
Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd 🇬🇧

Founder of Sea Salt Learning
Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen 🇳🇱

Director Digital Channels at Teva Pharmaceuticals
Eugene Victorov

Eugene Victorov 🇷🇺

KM and Digital Workplace Lead at Gazprom Neft Upstream
Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe 🇺🇸

Co-Founder and Principal at The Community Roundtable
Patrick Allman

Patrick Allman 🇺🇸

VP of Marketing & Worldwide Sales at MangoApps
Sonja Kresojevic

Sonja Kresojevic 🇺🇸

Founder of Seedtime Collective
Monica Danese-Perrin

Monica Danese-Perrin 🇬🇧

Lead Knowledge Architect at Lloyds Banking Group
Ana Neves

Ana Neves 🇵🇹

CEO and Senior Consultant at Knowman
Brian Steenson

Brian Steenson 🇬🇧

Senior Knowledge Manager at Syngenta
Maggie Modersohn

Maggie Modersohn 🇫🇷

Director of Sales at Brikit
Achim Brueck

Achim Brueck 🇩🇪

Coordinator Community Management Europe Strategy/Digital Life at Daimler
Florence Sarret

Florence Sarret 🇨🇭

Change Adviser at International Committee of the Red Cross