An Intranet Expo

An Intranet Expo at Social Now 2024

Social Now 2024 will include an Intranet Expo for participants to be inspired and learn from other organisations’ intranets.

An Intranet Expo is a unique, peer-to-peer learning activity where participants get the chance to see and discuss screenshots from an array of different intranets.

As part of the conference agenda, Social Now participants can visit this special exhibition to:

  • see key screenshots from other organisations’ intranets;
  • take their time to notice the “details”, the things they have in common and the things which set them apart;
  • ask intranets “owners” why they made the decisions they did and the learnings from those decisions;
  • openly discuss with colleagues and peers from other organisations.

The intranets chosen may not be perfect, the most beautiful nor the most advanced – but they are real! And so will be your take-aways.

The Intranet Expo will be curated by Mads Richard and Ana Neves. At the conference, Mads will introduce the session and share his view of the intranet as the front door to an organisation’s digital workplace, and the latter as a way to find information, be updated, get things done, and interact with colleagues.

Make sure you register to Social Now: you do not want to miss out on this Expo.