An Intranet Expo. Really.

At Social Now 2024, participants had the chance to visit a gallery of intranet screenshots.

At the Intranet Expo, intranet screenshots were printed on paper and displayed on the walls for the benefit of Social Now participants.

Stills of intranets printed on paper might seem like a strange concept. After all, we always consume our intranets in digital format and strive for them to be as interactive and dynamic as possible.

However, it is precisely the fact that they are static images on paper that creates the perfect conditions for participants to observe, look at the details, ponder the choices made, and consider if similar choices would make sense and add value if applied to their intranets.

Additionally, the “owners” of most of the intranets on display were present to answer questions, explain why decisions were made, describe the impact of those decisions, and share lessons learned.

The Intranet Expo is a concept created by Mads Richard on the back of his Intra2 project.

Mads was at Social Now to explain the four cornerstones of intranets, discuss how he has seen intranets evolve over the years, and introduce the Intranet Expo, with a special emphasis on the Time Travel section, which he expertly curated.

The Time Travel section showcased how the homepages of five Danish intranets have evolved since they were launched more than 20 years ago:

  • COWIportal (COWI)
  • Connect (NNE)
  • Gentofte platformen (Gentofte Municipality)
  • UMbrella (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • VD+ (The Danish Road Directorate)

In addition, participants had the chance to look at different pages of the current intranets of three other organisations:

  • HR Connect (🇺🇸 Reltio);
  • myANACOM (🇵🇹 ANACOM), including one of the intranet’s sites – inovANACOM – and one team private collaboration site;
  • OHCHR Intranet (🇨🇭 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), including the Knowledge Hub.