Social Now Reunion - Lobby

An online reunion while counting the days to 2022

Yesterday 20 people came together online for the Social Now Reunion. It was a gathering of professionals passionate about the use of enterprise social platforms for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Ana Neves, founder and managing director of Knowman, the organiser of Social Now, described the Reunion as the coffee break of Social Now without the actual conference or the coffee.

As in any coffee break, there was no agenda or presentations: it was up to the participants to start, guide, join and leave the different conversations, according to their perspectives, priorities and expectations. And they certainly did, grabbing the opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet peers from around the world, talk about work and the challenges of the last year.

Comment posted by Céline Schillinger, one of the participants

Hubbub was a great platform to enable and promote serendipitous conversations, giving participants total freedom to move around different rooms, speaking in different clusters without losing the sense of the buzz happening around them.

“There is a tremendous pressure for organisations to adapt in order to sustain (or even increase) performance in a context which is now totally different from what they were used to”, said Ana in her closing words. “It’s up to all of us to show the way that can be achieved, with better leadership, proper digital skills, a more mature use of the available platforms, and a genuine desire to embrace change. I hope you can all take value, inspiration and strength from today and I’d love hear how it all influences your thinking and doing.”

She then went on to announce the dates for Social Now 2022 – 19 & 20 May, in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Just make sure you add these dates to your calendar and this conference to your training and travelling budgets”, she said.

We certainly look forward to more insightful and inspiring conversations, in a physical setting that actually activates all our senses in a richer learning and development experience.

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