Gurteen Knowledge Café Masterclass

Conversation and Knowledge Cafés with David Gurteen at Social Now 2018

David Gurteen is a world-renowned consultant and an engaging speaker. He is in the who’s who of knowledge management professionals and now travels the world, demonstrating how dialogue can improve organisational performance. At Social Now 2018, David Gurteen will be making recommendations on how to “improve online conversation and knowledge sharing.

David Gurteen

David Gurteen

Nothing screams “social” louder than a great conversation, be it face-to-face or online. Therefore, it is a great honor to welcome Gurteen to the 7th edition of Social Now. He will be presenting in the main conference, offering practical advice to help Cablinc (Social Now’s fictitious company) become better at engaging both white and blue collar staff; communicating across multiple languages and cultures, and conveying organisational values to new colleagues.

David Gurteen will also run a post-conference masterclass on the 18th May. In his masterclass, he will take participants through the process of designing and running a Knowledge Café, a session format designed to promote dialogue, and one which he has mastered throughout the years.

As Gurteen said in a recent interview to Ana Neves:

“Although the Knowledge Café can be put to a variety of purposes depending on the topic and the question, its fundamental strength is to bring the participants together to learn from each other; to strengthen their relationships, make connections, glean insights and surface ideas and opportunities and encourage new ways of thinking.”

Make sure you register to attend Social Now 2018. Don’t miss the chance to hear from David Gurteen in such an unique setting.


Photo: Knowledge Café masterclass, Frankfurt March 2010 (from David Gurteen’s website)