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Using Data Analytics to Inform ESN Strategy with Femke Goedhart

“Going social” is mostly about people. Technology is an enabler. Data analytics is an adviser.

Femke Goedhart

Femke Goedhart

Staff generate a huge amount of data whilst interacting with your digital platforms – social collaboration platform, file systems or even email. This data can be analysed to provide useful insights into work habits, opportunities for improvement, and ideas of “pains” and “gains” to be used as arguments for maximum adoption of new or existing tools.

Femke Goedhart, a business consultant at panagenda, will be at Social Now 2018 showing how Cablinc is analysing information about staff’s collaboration patterns to inform its strategy for ESN adoption and other important decisions within the broader digital transformation program.

Femke is one of the consultants who will be providing very practical recommendations for Cablinc, the fictitious company with very real requirements, created to offer a shared context for dialogue at Social Now.