SocialNow2016 – video of Tony Byrne talk on the digital workplace

“The Digital Workplace: Some Practical Futures” by Tony Byrne

Tony Byrne closed 2016’s edition of Social Now with a great keynote on the topic of the digital workplace. Tony has a ton of experience in the field, is not afraid to voice his opinions and communicates clearly. His had some sharp words to say against the industry’s vendor-led ways of evaluating enterprise social tools but also very practical tips to help organisations.

It was a fantastic way to end the conference. It’s well worth watching the 36-minute video.

Tony Byrne will be back at Social Now in 2017. He will be leading a pre-conference masterclass about the right way to select social and collaboration technology: How To Choose an Enterprise Social Tool for Your Organisation.

“As enterprises transition from traditional intranets to employee-centric digital workplaces, technology decisions around employee experience become more complex — but also more significant. Effective social-collaboration is clearly becoming more central to a more human-centered digital workplace, but this landscape is changing. With SharePoint on-premise having peaked, plus new players like Facebook and Slack emerging, technology decision-makers have never had more choices.

But how to make the right choice for your particular needs? Join Tony Byrne — Real Story Group founder co-author of the pending book “The Right Way to Select Digital Technology” — for a fast-paced workshop that will offer you an adaptive methodology for making effective strategic and technology decisions. Learn the pros and cons of different vendors, architectures, and design patterns. Come away with a clear roadmap for selecting the right tools.”

The masterclass takes place on Wednesday, 10th May, in the morning (9:30 – 13:00). The registration fee is 150 euros.

or check out the whole agenda, including some other masterclasses.