James Dellow

Improving Employee Engagement with James Dellow

Enterprise social tools can help improve productivity. Can they contribute to improve employee engagement as well? James Dellow is certain they can.

James Dellow is an Australian consultant who specialises in human-centred technologies that help people connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. He has been working in intranet and knowledge management roles for more than a decade.

James has been a contributor to Clearbox Consulting’s SharePoint intranets in-a-box report and has co-authored CMSWire’s 2018 The State of the Intranet Today survey report.

At Social Now 2018, he will lend his passion and experience, to propose practical ways for Cablinc to improve employee engagement through a digital workplace.

Future Proofing the Organisation by Nadim Habib and Networked Leadership by Jaap Linssen are two other talks which are sure to appeal to all those in people management and HR who are attending this year’s edition of Social Now.



Photo credit: Gavin Tapp CC-BY-2.0