Ernesto Izquierdo presenting at an ICRC event

Ernesto Izquierdo joins Eugenio Lanzetta on the panel

Ernesto Izquierdo will travel from Switzerland, where he has been managing the International Committee of the Red Cross’s social collaboration network project. He is the second member of this year’s Social Now panel.

One of the key components of Social Now’s format is the panel of professionals who, for the duration of the conference, act as the management board of Cablinc, the fictitious company. At the end of each tool presentation, they ask the tough questions relating to business impact, roll out strategies, integration with other systems, etc.

The first member of the panel had been announced: Eugenio Lanzetta, Head of Internal Communications at Gruppo Banca Sella in Italy. Now we announce Ernesto Izquierdo, Project Manager of the Social Collaboration Network at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Switzerland.

“Working at the intersection between internal communications, information management, innovation, change management, learning & development and our operations helps me find
the sweet spots where digital tools and social technologies enhance our collective efforts.”

Ernesto has been working on collective intelligence projects since 2012, first at the European Commission, then at Somos Mas and now at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“We’re building real life communities and projects, we need strong enabling leaders who are ready to trust. I’m really interested in the people side of the digital transformation.”

He will bring all his experience and his critical eye to the table at Social Now 2018.

“In the past three years I’ve read in detail all the benchmarks published by Lecko, The Community Roundtable, and Jane McConnell… this has helped me get a sense of what’s possible and what’s just trendy words. ;)”

Ernesto Izquierdo is certainly another key person to meet and network with during the many networking moments at Social Now 2018.