Social Now 2016 – video of Paul Corney talk on knowledge retention and ISO 9001:2015

“Knowledge Retention and ISO 9001:2015” by Paul Corney

Paul Corney spends his time travelling the world and putting the depth and width of his experience to play, helping organisations improve their sharing, use and retention of knowledge. He always has a story to tell about some country he has visited, an organisation he worked for or an insight born out of one of his projects.

Paul Corney’s talk at Social Now 2016 is proof of all the above. He talked about the importance of retaining critical knowledge and how that importance is now reflected on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. He also left some tips for Cablinc to improve its knowledge retention.

(Note: Cablinc is the fictitious company created for Social Now and which provides the context for most of the talks at the event.)

This year Paul Corney is running apre-conference masterclass with the equally amazing Chris Collison. The masterclass will focus on “Managing Virtual Teams and Communities”. It will take place on Wednesday, 10th May, in the morning (09:30 – 13:00).

Paul Corney and Chris Collison will offer practical hints, tactics and tips on:

  • setting up, starting and sustaining a Virtual Team or a Virtual Community
  • assessing how effective your Community is.

The masterclass will be highly interactive and practical with a set of learning outcomes. Illustrated with case study examples from global assignments it will also draw on a guide on running Communities of Practice written for the United Nations by Chris Collison.

Registration fee for this masterclass is only 150 euros.

or check out the whole agenda, including some other masterclasses.