Sharon O'Dea kicking off her Laugh 'n' Learn session at Social Now 2024

Laughing ‘n’ Learning with Sharon O’Dea

The last item in this year’s Social Now agenda was a Laugh ‘n’ Learn session with Sharon O’Dea.

Sharon, co-founder of Lithos Partners, delivered a humorous talk on how to guarantee the failure of an intranet or digital workplace programme.

Watch the video below to see how she made all participants laugh with her advice to:

  • not listen to end users
  • have a singular vision
  • devolve decision-making
  • treat content as all that matters
  • take time on site as the only important metric
  • build excitement – not features
  • never settle – go for redesign after redesign
  • not to secure appropriate resources
  • not to learn from past and others’ experiences.

Check out the slides of her presentation