Lee Bryant presents at Social Now 2019

Lee Bryant on Distributed Digital Leadership (video)

It is very hard to succeed with digital transformation in an established organisation without addressing structural barriers and blockers, and in particular the stultifying effect of management-by-cascading-hierarchy, which creates a divided, vertically-oriented organisation instead of a laterally connected structure.” (Lee Bryant)

That is why it is so important to develop distributed digital leadership and have a clear digital strategy that considers the organisation as a whole.

In his talk at Social Now 2019, Lee Bryant, co-founder of Postshift, shared highlighted the most common flaws of organisations’ digital approaches and offered a model of digital leadership and strategy.

One of his key messages, however, is that “[e]verything is digital, so digital leadership is leadership and digital strategy is strategy“.


  • We need to help existing leaders to shape their roles, and to encourage the whole organisation to support a distributed transformation process, with the most engaged digital passionates acting as guides and change agents to provide embedded, situational leadership and assistance to those who are less confident.
  • We need to set the bar higher for digital skills among leaders
  • We should challenge leaders to adapt much faster
  • The digital leadership group can play a key role in joining together a divided organisation and ensuring a common approach to developing core digital business capabilities

Here is the video of Lee‘s talk at Social Now 2019. (Click here for the text and the slides of his presentation.)

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