Social Now Reunion 2023

Let’s gather again for great conversations

The next edition of the Social Now conference will be in 2024. While we wait, we will gather online for another Social Now Reunion. It will be on 11 May.

Just like it did in 2021, the Social Now Reunion will offer space for great conversations among professionals interested in the use of enterprise social platforms for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It will be an informal 2-hour gathering with no speakers and no agenda, allowing participants to share pains and experiences, and learn with each other.

The reunion will take place on an online platform, very different from those we have become accustomed to in the last few years. In fact, it allows participants to join multiple conversations, moving freely between clusters while never losing the sense of being together in a larger (digital) space. 

As such, the session will not be recorded: not only because it would be very hard to do soo, but also because we all know that rich, open and transparent conversations are best kept in our memories.

A screenshot captured during the Social Now Reunion 2021

Participation is free of cost but spots are limited (only 40 spots available) and registration is mandatory.

Save the time on your calendar, book your spot and start thinking about the questions you would like to ask and the experiences you would like to share!