Social Now Online Reunion 2021

Let’s reunite for great conversations

The Social Now Reunion will take place online on 27 May. We cannot meet in Lisbon but we can still have great conversations.

In 2020 we were forced to cancel Social Now because of the worldwide sanitary crisis. This year, we felt wiser to, once again, skip the face-to-face event.

However, because we all miss the great conversations which make Social Now so special, and because great conversations can also happen online, we decided to organise a Social Now Reunion.

It will be a gathering of professionals interested in the use of enterprise social platforms for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

There will not be an agenda and certainly no speakers. We will use an online platform, very different from those we are all so tired of. We will bring people together, to socialise and have great conversations – very much like we used to have during the coffee breaks and lunch time at Social Now but without the nice food.

It is an event for anyone who has attended Social Now and misses the insightful conversations; and anyone who has never attended but is interested in these topics or perhaps wondering about what’s the big fuss about this conference. The online reunion will highlight one of the main ingredients of Social Now’s success: the people who have been creating the Social Now community since 2012.

Participation at this reunion is free. Registration is mandatory and limited to 60 people.