Marcel Kampman tells how to create space for happy and fulfilled team members

Marcel Kampman

Marcel Kampman

Teams (and organisations) are collections of individuals, all with their own ambitions, dreams, goals and desires. With the right physical and digital environment that allows individuals to be happy, engaged and motivated, teams will achieve amazing things and higher performance levels.

“Happyplaces” is a project that investigates all the dimensions of space and translates findings into hands-on tools that help create better spaces for people to be happy. Marcel Kampman, the initiator of “Happyplaces”, will be at Social Now 2020 sharing some of those tools, practical steps to create space for individuals and teams to fulfil their potential.

Marcel is a creative strategist and founder of Happykamping, and his work gets inspiration from over 800 recorded conversations with “space makers” all over the world.

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