Social Now 2022 - Lisbon bus tour

Memorable moments for effective learning

Memorable moments make for effective learning. Social Now is packed of memorable moments: the relaxed seated lunches with tasty Portuguese food, the warm sunlight and drinks in a Lisbon rooftop, the sightseeing tour of Lisbon and all the amazing conversations.

According to Dugan Laird’s sensory learning theory, effective learning takes place when all the senses are stimulated.

The fact that we spend so much time in online, sitting at the same desk, in the same physical space, day after day, means that not much learning is happening.

That is why, year after year, we work hard to create a great sensory learning experience so that you get maximum return for the time and money invested to attend Social Now.

This year is no exception. We jam-packed the agenda with memorable moments:

And we even have Silvia Rivela’s talk on creating engaged teams through meaningful moments.

This year, on Saturday, 21 May, the day after Social Now, we will be inviting participants and their families to enjoy a complimentary bus tour of Lisbon, kindly offered by the Lisbon City Council.

The bus will leave the Jupiter Lisboa Hotel, the conference venue, at 10.30am on Saturday and arrive approximately 2 hours later at the same location.

Lisbon - view from Park Edward VII


Participants can enjoy a complimentary bus tour of Lisbon on Saturday, 21 May, morning


Relaxed seated lunches with tasty Portuguese food

Social Now 19 - Lunch on Day 1
Social Now 19 - Lego Serious Play session


Hands-on sessions and the warm Lisbon sun


Traditional aromatic herbs with rhymes decorated the tables at Social Now 2019, and we hear there is nice Portuguese wine being served at dinner

Social Now 2019 - Sweet basil vase with rhyme
Social Now 2018 - David Gurteen


Practical talks, amazing conversations and many laughs