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Networked Leadership and Launching Successful Intranets with Jaap Linssen at Social Now 2018

The ability to lead has always been important and it is even more so in the fast-changing and digital age we work in. But the contours of leadership are changing. Networked leadership focuses on the collective, and bottom-up, facilitative and emergent actions, to ensure a company can quickly adapt. Jaap Linssen will tell us about networked leadership during his talk at Social Now 2018.

Jaap Linssen

Jaap Linssen

Jaap Linssen is a founding partner of OrangeTrail. He has years of experience in business consulting, innovation and change strategies, having led many successful digital adoption projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Jaap now focuses on digital transformation, and how it actually translates into better business results and staff engagement.

Jaap Linssen will also be running a half-day post-conference masterclass with Wendy van Bronkhorst, an experienced digital transformation consultant at OrangeTrail. Together, Jaap and Wendy will give participants a 3-step approach to launching a successful communication and collaboration platform, based on OrangeTrail’s experience of supporting the launch and adoption of social technologies – like Workplace by Facebook, Jive, IBM Connections, or Slack – in companies such as, HEINEKEN, and Knab.

HEINEKEN, in fact, is one of the companies we will hear from at Social Now 2018. Stephanie Peels, Global Community Lead at HEINEKEN, will be sharing practical examples of how the number one brewer in Europe is making Workplace by Facebook a key element of internal communications.