Interview with Ana Neves published on Marginalia (2017.01.27)

New Ways of Working Doesn’t Just Mean New Tools

“New Ways of Working Doesn’t Just Mean New Tools” is the title of an interview by Gloria Lombardi to Ana Neves, the founder of Social Now. It was published January 27th on Marginalia, the Future of Work magazine, and shares insights on new ways of working and enterprise collaboration tools drawn from Ana Neves’ professional experience and from five editions of Social Now.

Here are a few quotes extracted from that interview.

Whatever the company does from a technical perspective must be directly linked to the business strategy. Otherwise, tech deployment will be just about providing new features, rather than greater capability.

The organisational culture determines how much employees want to share their knowledge.

While it’s true that many people rightly expect a good user experience when working within business, some people erroneously believe that enterprise collaboration technology is so similar to personal social networking that nobody needs direction or training. The tools and processes require different skillsets; personal networking is not the same as collaborating towards a shared goal.

While the technology enables individuals to work from home or anywhere else in the world, it also requires them to be proactive and self-managed

The topic of flexible work arrangements is indeed of increasing relevance. But flexible work arrangements pose challenges which many organisations feel unprepared to deal with. Frank van Massenhove will be at Social Now 2017 to share practical steps he took to create conditions for flexible work arrangements at the Belgian Federal Social Security Service: conditions that are making sense both from an individual and an organisational perspective.

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