SocialNow2016 – Luis Suarez talk on #noEmail

“Working Smarter with #noEmail” by Luis Suarez

Most people interested in knowledge management and enterprise social tools have come across Luis Suarez, aka @elsua. He has a personality larger than life and does not mince his words when it comes to talk about email in the context of internal communications, knowledge sharing and collaboration. He is a strong advocate of #noEmail (which, does not really mean he believes in zero email).

During Social Now Europe 2016, Luis Suarez offered three tips for Anne McLear to address some of the issues the company is facing. You can now watch the video below.

(Note: Anne McLear is the Head of Internal Comms at Cablinc, the fictitious company created for Social Now and which provides the context for most of the talks at the event.)

This year Luis Suarez is running a pre-conference masterclass on “Making Sense of Social Tools at Your Workplace”. It will take place on Wednesday, 10th May, in the afternoon (14:00 – 17:30).

This masterclass will cover the Social Business Adaptation Framework Luis Suarez has been using with clients and business partners over the years around social business adaptation to help organisations, whether small, medium or large, become successful ‘Socially Integrated Enterprises’.

Key takeaways from the masterclass:

  • Learn about the top five pillars of Luis’ Social Business Adaptation Framework
  • Acquire plenty of practical advice on how to apply each and everyone of those five pillars of Social Business Adaptation within your own organisation
  • Create your own Digital Transformation plan to execute on right away
  • Identify some of the main challenges and barriers towards the successful adaption of social tools at work.
  • Learn about an extended set of business practices, use cases, hints & tips, know-how, practical advice, etc. to help you fast pace the adaptation process of your own digital workplace

Registration fee for this masterclass is only 150 euros.

or check out the whole agenda, including some other masterclasses.