Postcards written by participants at the end of the 2022 edition

On the 2022 edition and on the conference itself

As in previous years, we asked Social Now 2022 participants to share their thoughts about the conference. We encouraged them to write a leaving postcard to the conference, we invited some to record their words on video, and we asked them all to email us their feedback.

Here are some of the extremely positive and kind words they had to say.

“A week ago in Lisbon I realized what was a lacking part in my career for the past 10 years. I was missing participation in Social Now!” Anna Kravets, CEO of ANROM Social Business (on LinkedIn)

Social Now 2022 - Anna Kravets's article on Linkedin

The highlights

John Schultz

The people! I have never been to a conference where I connected with so many people. All participants/attendees were so kind and helpful. Made genuine connections with people that I hope I can meet up with again. You have truly created a special event.” John Schultz, Senior User Experience Designer at Mayo Clinic

“It was a fantastic agenda, packed with the perfect mix of inspirational thinking and practical learning. But more than that, I found the conversations over coffee and dinner invaluable in getting me excited about this space again” Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder of Lithos Partners

“The creativity of the organizers; the concentration of expertise and knowledge per square meter; and the interactive format with brainstormings and table-switching to enable deeper connections between participants”

“I so appreciated the professionalism and humanity you bring to organising this event.” Cheryl Cooper, Founder of Applied Wisdom

”Absolutely loved the event. Great people, brilliant subjects and beautiful location.

“Really had fun, met amazing people, had great conversations and a whole lot more!”

“Social Now was a great opportunity to learn new stuff and get some cool insights about how to create more digitally integrated workplaces that help companies face the new challenges created by the new models of work.”

Biggest surprises

Adelina Sequeira

“I was positively surprised that the speakers are also participants, building a true community of practice and a knowledge network. Really welcoming for the ‘newbies’. Adelina Sequeira, HR Director at Alliance Française de Lisbonne

“with the vendors not in sales mode, I think it allows attendees to lower their guards a bit and they are more likely to share what’s working and not working for them.” John Schultz, Senior User Experience Designer at Mayo Clinic

Sharon O'Dea

“The somewhat esoteric and intellectual conversations in the evenings. It was so good to be prompted to do some deep thinking rather than focus on the cycle of rollouts and adoption.” Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder of Lithos Partners

How would you describe Social Now

Gemma Saint

“A conference that focuses on internal comms, digital workplace, and putting colleagues at the heart of what we do. I got so much out of the two days. Gemma Saint, Senior Channels and Innovation Manager at Virgin Media O2

“You have curated a phenomenal group of professionals oozing with talent, experience, and expertise and they are also some of the kindest, most genuine, helpful people I’ve met. The format itself is genius.” John Schultz, Senior User Experience Designer at Mayo Clinic

“Instead of just drinking unlimited coffee and networking, every participant needs to immerse themselves into a dramatic case of a fictitious company called ‘Cablinc’. The case is extremely well-written, aptly delivered and is ‘inspired by true work struggles’ of ours. You start to associate yourself with the main character, Anne McLear, since her first blog-post.” Anna Kravets, CEO of ANROM Social Business

Social Now 2022 - Post-conference article on newDATA magazine

“Social Now is an intellectually stimulating event in the digital era. (…) During two intensive days, participants were in a learning, sharing and networking environment, in a perfect atmosphere to fuse theoretical and practical concepts. The Social Now format is very distinctive and highly innovative, based on the case study of a fictitious company (Cablinc).” Rita Oliveira Pelica for the newDATA magazine

“A very friendly, interactive and hartful conference, where you really connect with the participants and learn practical things about software platforms available.”

“This event looks beyond the basics of sales pitches and articulating business benefits to look at how social can really deal with the challenges of the contemporary workplace Sharon O’Dea, Co-founder of Lithos Partners

Social Now 2022 - Anna Garcia Sagué's post on Linkedin

a very inspiring experience at which we met great professionals, learnt from other projects and shared ideas and points of view about internal communications, knowledge management, culture changes, and how we can help organizations in this process of evolution.” Anna Garcia Sagué, Director of Communication at Sorigué (on Linkedin)