Interview of Patrick Allman

Patrick Allman on MangoApps, digital hubs, rumour mills and top leadership

Patrick Allman of MangoApps has been coming to Social Now for 4 years and has won quite a few participant-voted awards.

He is back this year and Ana Neves talked with him about MangoApps, digital hubs, (no) email, and best approaches to achieve high intranet adoption.

“MangoApps isn’t going to do everything but it does allow you to connect and integrate into with those other applications but it gives you that dashboard, that jumping off point, so it is one common place where all employees come to in the morning.”



From the interview:

“In our experience, the most important is top level leadership at launch in communicating and communicating that clear plan for how we expect people to use it.”

“People are respectful. People know it’s a company network and it would be a career-limiting move to post some of those things.”


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