Social Now 2019 - Phil Kropp on stage

Asking the right questions with Phil Kropp (video)

At Social Now 2019, Phil Kropp offered some tips on how to ask the right questions within the organisational setting.

Nobody disputes “sharing knowledge” as a good thing. However, many organisations complain that their people do not share knowledge. It can be a cultural thing. But it can also be because nobody is asking questions or, at least, nobody is asking the right ones.

And what happens when senior leaders use corporate internal platforms to ask good questions? And why are they not asking more questions?

“Most people feel they have been employed to answer questions; but not ask them.”

In his talk, Phil shares examples of how companies have used good questions to unveil hidden knowledge and how senior leaders have used them to engage staff and extend their own influence.

“The ability to ask questions that drive out knowledge is one of the key leadership skills that needs to be developed.”

Here is the video of Phil‘s talk at Social Now 2019. Click here for the slide deck he used during his talk.

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