Interview of Phil Kropp

Phil Kropp on Workplace, digital leadership, control and business impact

As Social Now 2019 approaches, Ana Neves talked with Phil Kropp, a founding partner of OrangeTrail and someone who knows Workplace by Facebook very well.

The conversation flew easily: Ana and Phil talked about Workplace which “came and shook the marketplace”; the success of intranet projects; the key role of digital leaders but equally the huge opportunities that internal platforms create for them.

“Leaders misunderstand the value they can create with the platform. Very few people focus on the problems it can solve for leadership.”

Phil highlights that content is important to hook staff to the intranet but, for it to be successful, it needs to have a positive impact on business. He also points out that it is key to help staff make sense of the fractured landscape of tools that increasingly characterises most organisations.


Also from the interview:

“Projects that have a large percentage of HR people also involved with them tend to be more successful because they understand those long-term dynamics of building engagement.”

“Culture is a summation of the things you do on a daily basis”


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