Interview of Raúl Ramos Ribeiro

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro on DiggSpace, internal communications and engagement

Social Now 2019 kicks off on 6 June. Raúl Ramos Ribeiro will be on stage to show how DiggSpace is put to use to improve business results at Cablinc.

In this interview, Ana Neves and Raúl talk about why Create IT built DiggSpace, out-of-the-box intranets, internal communications, engagement, metrics and the role of staff-generated content.

Raúl also pointed out the role of internal platforms as a way of retaining critical knowledge which, otherwise, would probably dissolve on an email box.

“We want to focus on internal communications and leverage Office365 capabilities.”


From the interview:

“Communication is the way in which you can shift culture”

“When you want to shift something in the company, it has to start with your leaders. The [intranets] that have success are the ones that have onboarding from the leaders.”

“Today, employees already have tools to communicate with each other – they can use WhatsApp, they can use Facebook. So, if leaders don’t bring platforms inside the company and welcome employees, they will find other options. The main challenge is to have leaders that understand that embrace that with their employees. Because if employees don’t feel leaders want them to be part of the process, they will find other tools.”

“DiggSpace is a platform. If you don’t create good content, it will continue to be just a platform.”


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