Social Now 2024 - Peer assist

Recommendations to create an effective digital workplace (from the peer assist)

The peer assist of Social Now 2024 had three experienced peers offering recommendations for an effective digital workplace.

After a peer assist for rolling out a successful intranet in 2019 and one in 2022 for driving smarter use of internal collaboration and communication platforms, in 2024 the peers were invited to help Cablinc create an effective digital workplace.

To assist Cablinc, Anne McLear, Cablinc’s Head of Marketing and Internal Comms, recruited the help of three peers:

  • Ernst Décsey, Digital Workplace Communication Specialist, Private Fundraising and Partnerships at UNICEF
  • Eva Aymamí Gili, Digital Experience Manager at ESTEVE
  • Nigel Williams, Lead Product Manager for the Intranet at HM Revenue & Customs.

Ana Neves, partner and senior consultant at Knowman and organiser of Social Now, facilitated this session asking questions such as:

  • Where to start when creating a programme to create an effective workplace?
  • Why should we and how can we listen to frontline workers regarding their needs and preferences?
  • Who should be leading these efforts?
  • What’s the role of senior leadership in all this?
  • What should be the relationship with technology vendors?
  • Is the digital workplace something that organisations can or should launch?
  • How to get employees to embrace the digital workplace?
  • Is there a need for digital workplace governance?
  • What arguments can be used to start a digital workplace programme? What results can be expected?
Recording of the peer assist at Social Now 2024

Conference participants, all acting as employees of Cablinc, took notice and shared what they believed to be the main recommendations:

  • invest on a user-focused coordinated approach;
  • do not forget your people and do not cover your ears;
  • refrain from adding tool after tool, without using the human touch to enable adoption of practices and behaviours;
  • involve your employees in shaping your values, culture and way of working – listen to them, empower them, bring them along with you;
  • do not see the digital workplace as a product and do not go for a big bang launch;
  • measure habits, not KPIs;
  • introduce a buddy programme for juniors and seniors to exchange information and knowledge.