Social Now 2019 - Sweet basil vase with rhyme

Rhymes at Social Now 2019

This year, as Social Now took place so close to the Portuguese Popular Saints’ Festivals, we decided to bring one of the festive traditions to the conference: the sweet basil vase decorated with a rhyme to Saint Anthony.

Here are the rhymes we wrote for the decorating vases.

My dear St Anthony
Cure my broken heart:
Due to poor internal comms
My organisation is breaking apart

Oh my dear St Anthony,
Please help my organisation
As it struggles with the pains
Of poor internal communication

Oh my dear St Anthony,
Be host to this conversation
As we all come together
To discuss the role of collaboration

Smell the basil
And embrace the chance
To learn with this group
And your knowledge advance.

Oh my dear St Anthony
You’re a matchmaker, I read
Match me with someone who wants my knowledge
And who has the knowledge I need.

It’s June and you’re in Lisbon:
Time for sangria and sardines.
But don’t forget Social Now,
For what “social” really means.