Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How to Choose an Enterprise Social Tool for Your Organisation

Tony ByrneTony Byrne 🇺🇸
09:30 – 13:00

In preparation to the two main days of Social Now, hear from Tony Byrne how to go about assessing different enterprise social tools to choose the best one for your organisation

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Making Sense of Social Tools at Your Workplace

Luis SuarezLuis Suarez 🇪🇸

Come explore the Social Business Adaptation Framework Luis Suarez has been using with clients and business partners over the years around social business adaptation to help organisations, whether small, medium or large, become successful ‘Socially Integrated Enterprises’.

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Managing Virtual Teams and Communities

Chris CollisonPaul CorneyChris Collison 🇬🇧
Paul Corney 🇬🇧

09:30 – 13:00

Looking for practical hints, tactics and tips on setting up, starting and sustaining a Virtual Team or a Virtual Community or want to take a step back and assess how effective your Community is? This Masterclass will give you the knowledge and tools to do just that and more.

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Event Agenda

Day 1
11 May 2017

Social tools open up possibilities – now it is people’s turn to move

In this opening keynote Ellen Trude will talk about the need for different ways of thinking in order to get the most out of social tools
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About Cablinc

Get to know the fictitious company that acts as the backdrop to many of Social Now presentations. You will be surprised at how similar this company is similar to your...
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Learning Before, During and After

Using enterprise social tools to increase learning before, during and after projects
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Tools & Real Experiences (Part 1)

A few tools and real organisations telling their own stories. Knowledge Plaza is one of the tools in this slot
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Euranova is one of the organisations which will be telling their own narratives of work using enterprise social tools - in their case Knowledge Plaza.
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Creating an amazing workplace

Exploring simple and accessible design principles and practical approaches to creating an amazingly connected, productive, human and social workplace, whether for 5 or 5000 people and in any location or sector.
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Narratives to Retain and Circulate Critical Knowledge

How to use stories to capture critical knowledge and make it available throughout the organisation
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Tools and Real Experiences (Part 2)

A few tools and real organisations telling their own stories. MangoApps and Atlassian's Confluence, Jira and HipChat are some of the tools in this slot
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Communicating with a Knowledge Hat

Ana Neves will show how to leverage your internal communication efforts to improve the flow of knowledge across the organisation
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Creating Conditions for Flexible Work Arrangements

Tips for setting up the necessary conditions to offer flexible work arrangements (remote and mobile work) based on his experience at the Belgium Federal Social Security Service
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Networking Dinner

What better way to end the first day of Social Now then to go to a nice restaurant and enjoy some great Portuguese food and wine? The restaurant is by the...
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Day 2
12 May 2017

Using knowledge audits to prioritise focus areas for enterprise social tools

Patrick Lambe will look at how knowledge audits can be used to identify the business areas which would most benefit from enterprise social tools
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Tools & Real Experiences (Part 3)

A few tools and real organisations telling their own stories. Workplace (aka Facebook at Work) and Learninghubz are tools in this slot
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All consultants go on stage to answer questions and engage with the audience in a live debate on the role of enterprise social tools. The debate will be wisely hosted...
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Networking session

The room is open for participants to explore the tools, share experiences with fellow participants and speakers, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere in the room.
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Samuel Driessen announces the winners of the participants votes for “Best Tool for my Organisation”, “Coolest Tool”, “Coolest Feature” and “Best Presentation”.
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Tomorrow Was (Just?) Another Day

Making tomorrow anything but just another day requires systemic thinking and rebuilding organisations according to more fundamentally human values and skills
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The Enterprise Social Tools you can see in action at this year's edition of Social Now
  • Atlassian - logo
  • Elium (ex Knowledge Plaza)
  • Learninghubz
  • MangoApps logo
  • Logo of Workplace by Facebook