Robin Vincent-Smith in the field

Guidance to select the right enterprise social tool for the right processes

Enterprise social tools only make sense if used to improve organisational performance. For that to happen it is key to have perfectly designed processes and properly selected tools to support them.

Selecting an enterprise social tool is therefore an important step in shaping a productive (digital) workplace and different aspects are to be considered.

It is frequent to see one department leading this step without properly involving colleagues from other areas. Platforms are then chosen by their nice design, or by their cool APIs (greatly valued by the IT team), or by the powerful statistics and dashboards, depending on the driving team.

That is why at Social Now we have a panel which combines independent professionals, from different areas, who will look at the tools and explore them from different angles: business impact and suitability, technology, design and user experience.

Eugenio Lanzetta

Eugenio Lanzetta

We already have two members for Social Now 2017 panel. They are Eugenio Lanzetta, Head of Internal Communications at Banca Sella (Italy) and Robin Vincent-Smith, Change & Knowledge Manager at Médecins Sans Frontières (Belgium). One more person will join them to guarantee a technical lens is used.

They have very different profiles, work in very distinct organisations and come from different cultures. However, for two days at Social Now, they will feed from those diverse backgrounds and experiences to question and challenge the propositions put forward by the vendors. In doing so, they will be highlighting the key criteria to consider when selecting an enterprise social tool.