Becoming Hybrid: Pursuing the Future of Work

19 May 2022
09:45 - 10:30
Rachel Happe
Rachel Happe 🇺🇸

Becoming Hybrid: Pursuing the Future of Work

Becoming Hybrid Handbook - cover

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Executives were warned years ago that major transformation was necessary. Instead they hedged their bets. They bought some technology, re-organised a bit, and hired an evangelist or two but avoided the harder work to change governance and business models. While waiting for things to settle down they left employees to absorb the compounding changes on their own.

The stress, isolation, and emotional exhaustion have become too much. People are starved for meaning, connection, and joy. In countries with poor social support and employee protections, people are breaking. They are leaving jobs despite offers of more money and perks.

It turns out hope was not a strategy. In delaying investment in real change, challenges for executives have also compounded. Transforming organisations for meaning, connection, and joy cannot be bought and deployed; it requires changes to every aspect of what work and jobs look like.

Rachel will help articulate how we got to this point and provide a new thinking about how to move forward. Finding the right thread in the knot of issues – the fractal in the complex system – organisations can change incrementally and iteratively starting with the way teams work together.