Building a Community Business Case

Pre-Conference Workshop
Rachel Happe
Rachel Happe 🇺🇸

Building a Community Business Case


This workshop was scheduled for Social Now 2020.
Social Now 2020 was cancelled due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19.
Stay tuned for Social Now 2021!


This workshop will focus on building a community business case that can be used to educate and provide options to senior stakeholders.

We will discuss how to craft a community narrative that resonates, aligning on the core opportunities that communities address and showing how a community solution improves workflows, how that translates to ROI, and how to align a roadmap with ROI projections.

This is a great opportunity to craft a cohesive yet concise pitch, which incorporates not only why an organisation should invest in communities but what it will return and what is required to be successful.

This workshop will cover:

  • What a complete community business plan looks like
  • How to construct a narrative which works
  • Defining the community or network’s shared purpose and shared value
  • The importance of prioritising key behaviours
  • How to calculate community ROI
  • A framework for creating a community roadmap

The workshop will be run by Rachel Happe, co-founder and Principal at The Community Roundtable, a company dedicated to advancing the business of community. The Community Roundtable collaborates with clients to develop proven, practical strategies for better engagement. Clients rely on TheCR’s models, research, and networks to take their communities to the next level. Click to find more about Rachel Happe.