How to design, convene and facilitate Knowledge Cafés

18 May 2018
09:30 - 13:00
David Gurteen
David Gurteen 🇬🇧

How to design, convene and facilitate Knowledge Cafés

This masterclass is no longer taking place due to the insufficient number of registrations

This masterclass is designed to teach you how to design and run a Knowledge Café.

In our increasingly complex, fast paced, rapidly changing, ambiguous world, no single leader or individual can know everything or be smart enough alone to address the challenges that face us. One of best ways to make sense of an issue or challenge and ultimately make better decisions is to bring a diversity of people together for a conversation in a Knowledge Café.

Who should attend?

Gurteen Knowledge Café Masterclass

Knowledge Café masterclass, Frankfurt March 2010

This workshop is intended for almost anyone. Most people will benefit from it but it will be of particular interest to anyone looking to encourage and facilitate more purposeful, constructive and creative conversation in their teams or organisations.

These include: managers, facilitators, project and team leaders, trainers, community of practice leaders, and professionals in Change Management, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Learning and Development, and Organization Development.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the background and motivation behind the Knowledge Café
  • Understand the fundamental principles that underpin the Knowledge Café
  • Understand the principles of dialogue
  • Learn how to design and run a Knowledge Café
  • Learn how to pose powerful questions to trigger Café conversations
  • Learn alternative methods of triggering the Café conversation
  • Learn how to effectively facilitate the small group and whole group conversations that form part of the Knowledge Café
  • Learn how to capture outcomes without unduly interfering with the flow of conversation
  • Understand how to adapt the Knowledge Café for different purposes
  • Learn tips and techniques for better facilitating the Café
  • Experience an actual Knowledge Café