Intranet Expo – Let’s get real!

16 May 2024
16:30 - 18:30
Mads Richard
Mads Richard 🇩🇰
An event organised by Intra2

Intranet Expo – Let’s get real!

Did you ever wish to have a look at other organisations’ intranets?
Were you ever curious to understand why certain decisions were made – the underpinning technology, the content structure, the look & feel, the offered functionality?
Even more curious to know, truthfully, how successful those decisions turned out to be and the learning from the experience so far?
Intranet Expo is for you!

Intranet Expo is a unique, peer-to-peer learning activity where participants get the chance to see and discuss screenshots from an array of different intranets. They may not be perfect, the most beautiful nor the most advanced – but they are real

For some of the examples, people responsible for those intranets will be at hand to tell you the real story: the hows and the whys, the lows and the highs, the “definitely-would-dos” and the “definitely-would-nots”.


Intranets / Digital Platforms already confirmed

  • COWIportal (🇩🇰 COWI)
  • Connect (🇩🇰 NNE)
  • Gentofte platformen (🇩🇰 Gentofte Municipality)
  • HR Connect (🇵🇹 Reltio)
  • myANACOM (🇵🇹 ANACOM): the what, who and how of work at ANACOM, overall intranet plus:
    • inovANACOM: intranet space dedicated to innovation and knowledge management
    • a team collaboration site
  • OHCHR Intranet and Knowledge Hub (🇨🇭 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights): a one-stop-shop for internal communication, knowledge management and sharing
  • UMbrella (🇩🇰 Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • VD+ (🇩🇰 The Danish Road Directorate)


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