How to Conduct a Knowledge Audit to Identify Knowledge Management Goals and Technologies

10 May 2017
14:00 - 17:30
Patrick Lambe
Patrick Lambe 🇸🇬

How to Conduct a Knowledge Audit to Identify Knowledge Management Goals and Technologies

About the Masterclass

A knowledge audit is a systematic review of how your organisation uses and produces knowledge in the course of work. It helps you evaluate critical knowledge flows, knowledge gaps and knowledge risks. It can be useful for:

  • optimising the way that knowledge and information is managed in your organisation
  • focusing on high demand knowledge and information resources when you build common sharing platforms
  • addressing the risk of knowledge loss
  • selecting technologies for collaboration and sharing
  • developing a longterm knowledge management strategy and roadmap.

This masterclass is an interactive, practical session walking participants through the process of conducting a knowledge audit. Participants should bring laptops, as we will be using an online knowledge mapping tool, and analysing the results from the exercises to make inferences about important follow up actions and technology implications. We will illustrate with case examples as we go through the session.

Masterclass Agenda

  1. What is a knowledge audit and what is it good for?
  2. Identifying types of knowledge resource in your organisation
  3. Creating knowledge maps
  4. Identifying knowledge gaps, risks and accessibility improvement issues
  5. Identifying improvements to knowledge and information flows
  6. Using the knowledge maps to make decisions about knowledge management and collaboration interventions
  7. Using the knowledge maps to develop enterprise taxonomies
  8. Using the knowledge maps to make decisions about technology choices.

Who should attend?

  • Knowledge and information managers
  • Intranet managers
  • IT managers
  • Managers responsible for collaboration and social tools
  • Senior managers who are considering investing in a knowledge management strategy

Masterclass leader

Patrick Lambe is Principal Consultant of Straits Knowledge, a global knowledge and information management research and consulting firm headquartered in Singapore. He has conducted scores of knowledge audits across a variety of organisations, and is currently working on a book titled Knowledge Audits and Knowledge Mapping: Theory and Practice (Elsevier Chandos 2018).