How to launch a successful communication and collaboration platform

18 May 2018
09:30 - 13:00
Giselle Pereira
Giselle Pereira 🇳🇱
Jaap Linssen
Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱

How to launch a successful communication and collaboration platform

This masterclass will make sure you know what to do and not to do to launch a modern Communication and Collaboration platform.

As members of the OrangeTrail team, Jaap Linssen and Giselle Pereira are very experienced in supporting the successful launch and adoption of communication and collaboration technologies. OrangeTrail clients report high claim rates:

  • – 97% – Online travel booking site – 18.000 people
  • HEINEKEN – 75% – 60.000 out of 90.000 invited
  • – 96% – Online store – 2000 people
  • Knab – 97% – Innovative Dutch Bank – 400 people

OrangeTrail approach is based on 3 steps. Give people a reason:

  1. to visit
  2. to stay
  3. to come back every day.

During the masterclass, Jaap and Giselle will cover the following topics:

  1. Getting communications people trained and ready
  2. Platform rules and governance
  3. The role of leadership
  4. The importance of a platform manager and mandate
  5. Creating the right content architecture so the number of communities do not go out of control
  6. Plan for enough valuable content so ‘social’ content does not become more than 15%.
  7. Have community managers, purposes, and content plans for all your key communities
  8. Get the right champions and give them the right training. Stay away from people that ‘understand’ Twitter and Facebook. This is a different ball game.
  9. The right customer journey for people signing on for the first time
  10. The power of a challenge: Don’t invite people to a platform – invite them to an activity
  11. Good use cases and communication campaigns about them are crucial
  12. Have a good tips and tricks community that is more than software tips and tricks

Who should attend this masterclass

People that are planning to launch a platform and need to understand the impact of a good launch and adoption program: leaders, communication directors, community managers, platform owners and managers, IT leaders, HR leaders and professionals.

Companies that have launched but have low adoption: they will see how to relaunch their platform.

Who will run the masterclass?

Giselle Pereira, is an experienced consultant specialised in the communications side of these types of projects.

Jaap Linssen, owner of OrangeTrail, has years of experience in communication and collaboration technology.