Enterprise Social Networks – Your Launchpad for Digital Leadership

06 Jun 2019
12:15 - 12:35
Catherine Shinners
Catherine Shinners 🇺🇸

Enterprise Social Networks – Your Launchpad for Digital Leadership

Companies and organisations have invested and embraced enterprise social networks (ESN) and related digital collaboration platforms to help people in their organisation connect more directly, collaborate more transparently, share knowledge more broadly, adapt more quickly to new projects and teams, and learn in more relevant and contextual ways.

How can leaders be not only a part of the digital transformation picture, but express leadership in more relatable and engaging ways?

Leaders have objectives to ensure alignment, engage employees in understanding strategies, stimulate and inspire towards towards purpose and achievement, all in times of rapid change in globalised markets. Using digital and social approaches in their communications styles helps leaders leverage a two-way dynamic conversation, catalyse transparent dialogue and create a sense of community conversation around their communications.

From this talk you will get:

  • practical approaches and techniques that can be used to increase a senior manager or leader’s reach and deepen their credibility;
  • key variables for success in coaching and engaging the communications and support staff of leaders in leveraging ESN tools for leadership;
  • ways of using communities and networks to accelerate change and learning.