Leadershift! – Wayfinding in Times of Change

07 Jun 2019
15:15 - 16:00
Kenneth Mikkelsen
Kenneth Mikkelsen 🇩🇰

Leadershift! – Wayfinding in Times of Change

Organisations don’t transform. People do. Suggesting that a digital transformation is all it takes to stay relevant in the future is shallow thinking. There are much bigger things at play.

We live in unsettled times of economic, technological and socio-political change. No individual, company or industry is immune to evolving cultures. What is in question is how we can use the ongoing culture shift in society to replace outdated industrial practices.

As technology transforms our lives and organisations, the human dimension becomes even more important. Leaders must find a new sense of maturity within themselves to address the societal shifts with greater clarity and intention. Above all it means asking important questions about who we are, what we want to become and where we should be going.

As a leader, you will need to put your own skin in the game and have the courage to live closer to the edge of emergence. You will need to change the way you learn, think and behave to stay relevant in the future.

Join us at Social Now 2019 as Kenneth Mikkelsen asks what the world demand from us right now as human beings and as leaders.