How to create an effective digital workplace

17 May 2024
12:15 - 13:00
Ernst Decsey
Ernst Décsey 🇨🇭
Eva Aymamí Gili
Eva Aymamí Gili 🇪🇸
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams 🇬🇧

How to create an effective digital workplace

A Peer Assist is a facilitated meeting where peers from outside the team are invited to help with a particular challenge.

At Social Now 2024, we will hold a peer assist to help Cablinc as it prepares to kick off a programme to master the digital workplace for great collaboration, internal communication and knowledge sharing.

These are the peers who will be offering experienced-based guidance to help Social Now’s fictitious company run a successful programme.

  • Ernst Décsey, Digital Workplace Communication Specialist at UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships
  • Eva Aymamí Gili, Digital Experience Manager at ESTEVE
  • Nigel Williams, Lead Product Manager for the Intranet at HM Revenue & Customs

Ana Neves facilitates this session.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the positives and negatives of real-life experiences, while simultaneously witnessing the value of peer assists for knowledge transfer.