How to Set Up Successful Communities for Learning and Innovation

Florence Sarret
Florence Sarret 🇨🇭
Brian Steenson
Brian Steenson 🇬🇧
Monica Danese-Perrin
Monica Danese-Perrin 🇬🇧
Achim Brueck
Achim Brueck 🇩🇪

How to Set Up Successful Communities for Learning and Innovation


This session was scheduled for Social Now 2020.
Social Now 2020 was cancelled due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19.
Stay tuned for Social Now 2021!


At Social Now 2020, we will hold a Peer Assist to help Cablinc as it prepares to create communities to improve individual and organisational learning and boost its innovation process.

A Peer Assist is a facilitated meeting where peers from outside a team are invited to help with a particular challenge. We will have peers from real organisations offering experienced-based guidance to help Social Now’s fictitious company set up successful communities.

Peers will make recommendations on what needs to be put in place to guarantee that the new communities will achieve the set out goals, adding value to the organisation and to their members.

The peers:


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the positives and negatives of real-life experiences of creating and maintaining communities, while simultaneously witnessing the value of peer assists for knowledge transfer.