What to Consider Before Kicking Off a New Intranet Project

07 Jun 2019
11:30 - 12:45
Joana Pais
Joana Pais 🇵🇹
Eugene Victorov
Eugene Victorov 🇷🇺
Patrik Bergman
Patrik Bergman 🇸🇪
Hans-Juergen Sturm
Hans-Juergen Sturm 🇩🇪

What to Consider Before Kicking Off a New Intranet Project

A Peer Assist is a facilitated meeting where peers from outside the team are invited to help with particular challenge.

At Social Now 2019, we will hold a peer assist to help Cablinc as it prepares to kick off their new intranet project. We will have peers from real organisations offering experienced-based guidance to help Social Now’s fictitious company run a successful intranet project.

Peers will make recommendations on what needs to be put in place to guarantee that the new intranet is fit for purpose, improves employee experience, enables staff to work smarter and drives organisational performance up.

Confirmed peers:

  • Eugene Victorov, Knowledge Management and Digital Workplace Lead at Gazprom Neft Upstream
  • Hans-Juergen Sturm, Head of User Experience & Innovation at Amadeus
  • Joana Pais, Head of Communications at SOGRAPE Original Legacy Wines
  • Patrik Bergman, Corporate Communications Manager at Haldex

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the positives and negatives of real-life experiences of implementing and launching new intranets, while simultaneously witnessing the value of peer assists for knowledge transfer.