Using Liberating Structures to (re)think teams performance and engagement

19 May 2022
11:15 - 12:30
Paul Nunesdea 🇵🇹

Using Liberating Structures to (re)think teams performance and engagement

Set of Liberating Structures

Set of Liberating Structures, carefully curated by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless and made available under a Creative Commons License at

In this session you will:

  • hear about Liberating Structures
  • experience Liberating Structures as a powerful way of engaging people’s knowledge and experience
  • produce a list of practical actions to develop engaged and high-performing teams.

Liberating Structures started with the purpose of helping frontline groups innovate and introduce simple methods to spark new habits and interaction patterns. These new patterns will, in turn, unleash the front line’s collective creativity. At the moment, it is a set of 33 facilitation structures which, if used routinely, move organisations closer to where they want to be.

At Social Now 2022, we will use a selection of Liberating Structures to engage participants in purposeful and focused conversations that engage each person’s own knowledge and diverse perspectives.

Participants will experience a mash-up of several liberating structures combined in a string designed to help identify creative solutions to improve team engagement and performance, wherever their members are working from.

Together, participants will co-create a list of what to do in order to improve engagement and performance in hybrid teams.

Cablinc will offer a shared context for participants to work together, but the list of steps will undoubtedly be of value to you and your organisation.

This session will be hosted by Paul Nunesdea, PhD, CPF, author of the book series “Architecting Collaboration”, devoted to group facilitation, its principles, methods, and techniques, that can be applied by anyone who believes in the power of collaboration and teamwork.