Interview of Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper on QUBE, virtual environments, learning and change

QUBE is a virtual environment, combined with a set of tools and facilitators that guide organisations into extracting maximum business benefits. It was created by Prof. Eddie Obeng and will be demonstrated live at Social Now as a “day-in-life” narrative.

In preparation, Ana Neves talked with Simon Cooper about QUBE, and how it can offer a great space for learning and collaboration, while safeguarding both the environment and life-work balance.

“QUBE is much more than [software]: it’s actually a way of working which is quite unique.”

“Our reason for being is to bring people together to collaborate and execute on business ideas. So that is my definition of social in the business context.”



From the interview:

“We have the concept of writing first and talking second. So we get everybody to contribute. Contrast that to the standard video conference or audio conference where most people place the call on mute: somebody’s talking and they do their email.”

“It is a fixation on the only way to interact with people is to have a physical face-to-face relationship.”

“Social is about interaction; it’s about bringing people together.”


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