Save the date for Social Now 2020

Social Now is back in June 2020

The dates are set for Social Now 2020. The 9th edition of this conference will take place 4 & 5 June 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. The focus topic for this coming edition will be announced before the end of September.

Meanwhile, we recommend that you:

  • save the date in your diary,
  • include Social Now in the budget (yours or your team’s),
  • pre-register to save a seat and receive a voucher for 15% discount (no commitment, no payment).


Social Now is a conference focused on how to use enterprise social tools to make organisations smarter and more robust, by facilitating better communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. It uses a fictitious company – Cablinc – to ground the talks and bring out practical recommendations that participants can take away and actually implement at their organisations.

Participants play many different roles in a great variety of organisations from around the world. They are attracted to Social Now for it is the stage of practical and thought-provoking presentations; insightful and pragmatical conversations; laughs, great networking and amazing food.

The first edition of Social Now happened in 2012 in Oporto. Since then, there has been two editions in Amsterdam and five in Lisbon. If you have not been lucky enough to attend those previous editions, check what happened, see how participants describe the conference, or get in touch with anyone who has ever attended. We are sure they will strongly recommend you to come.

Cloud with words people used to describe Social Now 2019

Cloud with words participants used to describe Social Now 2019


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