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Social Now is…

Social Now is not an easy conference to explain because of its unique format and because a large part of its worth comes from the richness of the conversations. That is due to the diversity of participants, the format (again!) and the time allocated to facilitated and ad-hoc networking.

We decided to ask participants of this year’s edition to describe Social Now. Here is what they had to say on their feedback forms.

“A must see for anyone in digital leadership.” (Lee Bryant – PostShift, Portugal)

  • “Great opportunity to stop and think.”
  • “Different but interesting.”
  • “Go attend for sure.” (participant from Bridgestone, Belgium)
  • “Very interesting and innovative event which covers topics which are very current and relevant for organisations.” (ATEC, Portugal)
Lee Bryant presents at Social Now 2019

Lee Bryant presents for an attentive audience at Social Now 2019


  • “A nice place to learn more”
  • “Very positive event with a very different but positive approach, as it allows participants to see different approaches to the same situation.” (CGD, Portugal)
  • “Different”
  • “An event where you can get an unbiased view of the different possibilities of social tools for your workplace.” (OrangeTrail, Netherlands)
  • “Practical workshoppy gathering with ample time to speak with experts and tool vendors.” (Farfetch, Portugal)
Social Now 19 - Lego Serious Play session

Participants embraced the Lego® Serious Play® challenge set by Rita Oliveira Pelica to explore new approached to work at Cablinc, Social Now’s fictitious company


  • “It’s a unique conference that looks at different tools and experiences of using those tools. Alongside, there are insightful presentations from a range of speakers in the digital comms space.” (Fifth Business, Netherlands)
  • “Very useful” (ANACOM, Portugal)
  • “High quality, friendly, knowledgeable.” (Phil Kropp – OrangeTrail, Portugal)
  • “The case for intranets.”
  • “Networking” (CGD, Portugal)
Social Now 19 - Lunch on Day 1

Lunch time is also networking time


  • “An event on the use of enterprise social tools.” (ANACOM, Portugal)
  • “It’s a modern (or social) event with “relaxed” but responsible people. Show us a different way to work better.” (ANACOM, Portugal)


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