Knowledge Management superstars at Social Now 2017

Social Now 2017 is packed with Knowledge Management superstars

Social Now 2017 is shaping up to be the best one yet. Although the speakers are not all confirmed yet, the lineup is already amazing. And those who are interested in knowledge management will agree that this year’s edition of Social Now is packed with knowledge management (KM) superstars.

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There is Thierry de Baillon from France, Victoria Ward, Chris Collison and Paul Corney from the UK, Patrick Lambe from Singapore, Luis Suarez from Spain, and Ana Neves from Portugal.

Some will be keynoting; others will be offering practical tips; others yet will lead valuable pre-event masterclasses.

You will struggle to see such a wise KM crowd in any other non-KM event. And yet… who said Social Now was not a KM event? At the end of the day, Social Now is about the ways enterprise social tools enhance knowledge creation, flow, retention and accessibility.

So, if your organisation wants to improve any of these processes or if you are keen to engage in conversation with any of the KM experts above, do make sure you are in Lisbon for Social Now 2017.

or check out the whole agenda.