Florence Sarret 🇨🇭

Florence Sarret 🇨🇭

As a Change Adviser for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Florence Sarret's role is to help ICRC colleagues to adopt a digital workplace and better fulfil their mission.

Sonja Kresojevic 🇺🇸

Sonja Kresojevic, Founder of Seedtime Collective, is an innovation strategist and senior executive with 20 years of global experience transforming businesses by focusing on product innovation, cultural change, and digital transformation.

Julian Stodd 🇬🇧

Julian Stodd, founder of Sea Salt Learning, works with the core elements of the Social Age: the need for Social Leadership, the design of Scaffolded Social Learning, planning for Organisational Change and the impacts of Social Collaborative Technology

Harold Jarche 🇨🇦

Harold Jarche is the Principal at Jarche Consulting, he works with individuals, organisations, and public policy influencers to develop practical ways to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking.

Rachel Happe 🇺🇸

Rachel Happe is a Co-Founder and Principal at The Community Roundtable. She supports business leaders developing their community, collaboration, and engagement strategies.
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