Bonnie Cheuk 🇬🇧

Bonnie Cheuk

Bonnie Cheuk 🇬🇧



15+ years of international work experience with multinational corporations in HK, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe.

She has successfully led the adoption of an enterprise-wide social collaboration platform at Citigroup.

Currently working for Euroclear, reporting to the CEO, she is partnering with the business and technology leaders to deliver a global knowledge and collaboration vision as part of the overall digital workplace strategy, and building a digital team to deliver a global web/digital and social media strategy for external stakeholders. She is the author of Social Strategies in Action: Driving Business Transformation (Ark Group: 2013). Tweets as @bonniecheuk. Blogs at Dr Bonnie Cheuk.

Talks at Social Now:

2016: “Making Sense of Social Collaboration, Leadership 2.0 and Future of Work”

In that session, Bonnie brought us on a journey to reflect on:

  • Is social collaboration a must in the modern workplace?
  • How could we position social collaboration within an enterprise?
  • What does it take for social collaboration to add value? What kind of leadership 2.0 is required?
  • What can you do to help define the future of work?