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Euranova is one of the organisations which will be telling some of their own narratives of work using enterprise social tools.

Maryse ColsonIn 2008, EURA NOVA was founded with a vision: to bring life to its customers’ great ideas, by offering best-in-class IT services. To make this happen, EURA NOVA invests significantly in in-house knowledge and expertise. Peer coaching, knowledge sharing and training is part of the daily deal. Its investment strategy allows EURA NOVA to continuously become more proficient, to maintain its knowhow at the cutting edge of IT, and to share its benefits with customers. It allows EURA NOVA to meet its goal: “we are happy only when our customers experience greater success and thereby reach the highest level of satisfaction”.

EURA NOVA will be represented by Maryse Colson.

Maryse is the Voice at EURA NOVA. As Communication and Public Relations Manager, she is the guarantor of a common and consistent language & culture between all employees, inside and outside EURA NOVA. She tweets asΒ @MaryseColson.

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